19 Julai 2010

Certificate from WPMF

World Professional Muay Thai Federation and Professional Boxing Association of Thailand hereby present this certificate of authorization for organizing Muay Thai and related activities in Malaysia to Ms. Kirsty Leigh Dzulkarnain.

27 Jun 2010

Conditioning Your Shins for Muay Thai

A lot of Muay Thai fighters look to condition their shins by kicking hard wood or something similar. This is not a good way to go about doing this and may result in injury. If you want to properly condition your shins, then you’ll need to kick something a bit softer than a hard wood. Certain soft woods can be kicked with moderate intensity, but you still run the risk of damaging your shin.

Kicking hard objects damages your shin because, frankly, they are usually harder (or at least less brittle) than the bone in your shin. This will lead to the bone getting a bunch of small fractures that can culminate in a serious injury or break. This is something you want to avoid when conditioning your shins because it can lead to long term damage that may be irreparable.

The correct way to condition your shins is to hit soft wood at a moderate intensity or to hit bags. A firm heavy bag is a great way to condition your kicks and you’ll be able to go at it all day. After a while, though, you will feel your shins begin to bruise and you’ll probably want to stop then. I’m not saying you should stop because it hurts, but just because it’ll slow down your training and make it more difficult to condition your shins properly in the long run.

So why do your shins get conditioned? Well, the main reason is that calcium deposits form in the bone and essentially build it up. This will increase the strength of the bone and allow it to take more damage before becoming damaged. The other reason that your shins get conditioned is because the nerves become less sensitive – this means you can actually get hurt more and not realize it. This isn’t particularly safe, but it’s useful in a fight because it allows you to continue fighting for longer periods of time.

31 Mei 2010

Thai Pad

Muay Thai is about power rather than precision. It is a tough sport that is known for its shin strikes and similar moves. It is definitely not for the weak.

The word "Muay Thai" means "impact" if that tells you anything. The main goal is to generate energy in strikes, which in turn produces a knockout. In order to achieve that kind of power, you have to train for it and in order to do so, you will need to use impact training equipment that is made to develop such a high level of power.

The Thai pad (pao) is great for power. It is one of the best training equipment items you can use for that purpose. It is a great piece of gear that will optimize your impact training without a doubt.

24 Mei 2010


Kru Samersing is an expert at teaching technique and explaining the principles of fighting. He can adapt to your style by adjusting the pad-holding accordingly. He is excellent at blending all the weapons together and making them flow. He can speak English.

Saiful M-150 has a laid back style, focusing on technique. If you want to focus on relaxation, composure, or if you are a beginner, Saiful is the way to go.

Go to Big Bear for the clinch. Big Bear used to train at the #1 ranked clinching gym. His pad sessions are vigorous, strict, and revolve around the pure basics. He doesn’t just go with anybody. He is quite choosy of who he works with.

Kru Sawai focuses on tricks, deception, and relaxation. He has a very good outside style of fighting and teaches this very well. Graceful and manipulative are two other words that come to mind. Sawai puts a lot of love into his training and students.

Kru Amin has an “OCD” style of pad-holding! He likes to focus on a single weapon at a time. Expect to throw 15 elbows consecutively. His sessions can be intense if you take the initiative to push him and yourself. Kru Amin likes to mess around and have fun with his students.

17 Mei 2010

No.1 Muay Thai gym in KL

Kirsty Muay Thai Fight Club is a Muay Thai training gym in Kuala Lumpur which accept kids and foreigners. Everybody is welcome. Our dedicated Muay Thai instructors provide friendly authentic Muay Thai boxing tuition in city surroundings. Any of you visiting this website, young or old, male or female, beginners or experienced Muay Thai fighters are very welcome to learn Muay Thai at Kirsty Muay Thai Fight Club any time.

Excellence in teaching

We understand that everyone learns differently, and everyone has unique goals, so we offer individualized attention to all of our students to guarantee an enjoyable and worthwhile training experience. Our master trainers are the best in Kuala Lumpur and are adept at working with students to achieve maximum return on their invested effort. Whether you are interested in losing weight, gaining confidence, or becoming a world champion, or even if you’re just here to have fun, we can help you to achieve your goals quickly and effectively.

Excellence in the art of Muay Thai

Train with the best and certificated trainers in Kirsty Muay Thai Fight Club. Kru Sammersing has personally produced over 20 South Thailand Champions in Por Vitaya Gym and Phuket Gym, Thailand. If you have dreams of becoming a champion, there is no better place to train than here, we make winners. You can rest assured that we teach authentic Muay Thai, direct from Thailand and intensely true to its historic roots.

Kirsty Fight Club Syllabus

In Kirsty Muay Thai Fight Club, we offered:

Heavy bag workout

Shadow boxing

Weight training

Tyre bounces

Basic & advanced Thai pad drills

Clinching & throwing techniques
Sit up with Thai pad

Warming down